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About us

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Buying products from NEOVITAL, you gain health and youth!

If you want to stay healthy longer, preserve youth and attractiveness? With its health products from the company NEOVITAL !!!


NEOVITAL offers decades of proven products from trusted and well-known manufacturers of biologically active natural products and foods. We are the exclusive representatives in Lithuania, one of the world’s top manufacturers of products for health – the American company NEW SPIRIT NATURALS.

Our products – is:

Only natural ingredients are used in their manufacture;
Lack of synthetic stabilizers, preservatives, flavorings and colorings;
The absence of potentially harmful substances such as starch, sugar, yeast;
Absolute safety and hypoallergenic. Ecological purity of raw materials;
Synergy components – by the proper selection of components, even small doses that are part of the product, have a tangible impact and reinforce each other’s action;
Compliance with GMP standards in the manufacture of products.
Exceptionally high-quality ingredients from well-known suppliers, used during production.

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