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Vaistai nuo alergijos

Drug allergies: how not to lose the quality of life?

Irritant sneezing, endless runny nose, swollen and itchy eyes, shortness of breath, sore throat, itching? Symptoms are growing, especially in the spring? Or, maybe you have noticed that they appear regardless of the season, certain foods after taking the medicine, cleaning the house? If these unpleasant symptoms known to you – you’re probably faced with symptoms of allergy. Allergies – is one of today’s most common diseases, affecting more and more people around the world. Currently, the disease that struck every fourth person on the planet and future forecasts are not favorable for people. How to reduce allergy symptoms and improve quality of life?
Allergy as disease, the role of society

Unfortunately, although the extent of this disease are growing rapidly, the company does not belong to this disease seriously enough and relatives, colleagues often overlooked symptoms and treat them as what -So easy, not dangerous, well, think in the end, what -That allergic disease … And that the disease is, as they say the above symptoms? A person suffering from allergies, experiencing many difficulties in life, the disease severely affects the quality of life, loss of normal personal and social life. Research has shown that allergies affect children’s education at school and university, reducing the possibilities for their further career growth. Thus, one can easily allergic to dismiss and to leave it untreated. After all, this disease can be cured, although it requires a long and patient work to remove allergens from the body.

From the social point of view allergy still not considered a disease, at least in severe. But still, it began to pay some attention recently. Improved people’s perception of measures to prevent environmental risks – in some places have banned smoking, improve water purification, waste recycling. People began to take into account pollution, closely related to the use of detergents, to finding the net with a minimum set of food artificial flavors and flavor enhancers. However, prevention should be more intense and more attention should be paid to therapy and the use of drugs. The correct treatment plan and medication allergies can significantly make life easier for people with allergies.
Different types of allergies – individual therapy and medication

If you suspect an allergy, talk to your family doctor, who will refer you to specialists. The sooner you start treatment, the easier it will get rid of or reduce the symptoms of allergy. Furthermore, it is possible to regulate the immune system of the organism through food additives and parallel decrease allergens enter the body.

The most common types of allergies – respiratory allergies (allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma), food allergies, allergies to animals, dust mites. Since it is so diverse, and the treatment in each case is also different. There is no single cure for allergies or a common approach. In allergic rhinitis (hay fever), asthma require completely different approaches and drugs, than with food allergies. In addition, every allergy sufferer may prevail different manifestations. It is therefore important to use the correct treatment.

Current drugs for the treatment of allergy are safe for long term use, they help to prevent or minimize the development of allergic symptoms. Some drugs are intended to treat allergies and for strong instantaneous impact, while others – for consistent, long-term therapy. The treatment can be applied, and the combination of these means, but it is important to consult with your doctor.

Fast Medications can become a true salvation, if you suddenly feel unpleasant symptoms, and we must stop them quickly. They are able to take control of a runny nose and eye irritation, burning sensation, shortness of breath, rash, pruritus. With a view to long-term, comprehensive treatment they reduce over time the severity and frequency of exacerbations.

In the end, patiently when treating allergies can be reduced or completely disappear after a certain period of time, but it is an insidious disease. Therefore, even assuming that it retreated, it makes sense to be careful and have the necessary medication, as a relapse can occur suddenly and after a long break.

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