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Loyalty program LYONESS

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This card is valid not only in our store, but also in the abundance of other stores!

Our loyalty card is developed in partnership with the Cashback World loyalty program, which operates in 47 countries of the world and has more than 500 loyalty partners in Lithuania. You can buy products and services for which you will get direct cashback into your bank account. Whether you buy a cashback card, a check or the Internet – you get up to 5% of your purchase value as Cashback! When Cashback is collected at 10 Euro, it will be credited to your bank account. So every time you get money back for purchases you buy through Lyoness!

With our loyalty card, connect to this customer community and each time buying both with us and with other Cashback World partners, you will get the benefit of members from each purchase to recover part of the money paid in cash (the so-called “cashback”) and purchase points which you can use again for shopping with partners!

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