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Probiotikai padeda sumažinti nervingumą ir neramumo ir nerimo sutrikimus

Probiotics help reduce nervousness and anxiety disorders

Fermented food contains many probiotics and can be useful in combating anxiety disorders. Such results are published in the journal Psychiatry Research. 710 participants evaluated the level of nervousness and social anxiety and the amount of fermented food consumed. The answers were about yogurt, kefir, soy milk, miso soup, sauerkraut, dark chocolate, algae juices, pickles and kimchi. Such food contained active microorganisms, bioactive peptides and probiotics. The analysis took into account the demographic data, the composition of the diet and the level of physical activity. The authors found that the frequency of training, the amount of fermented food associated with social anxiety. At the same time, subjects with a high level of nervousness with a rise in the diet of fermented food decreased manifestations of social anxiety disorder. These data support earlier data on the anxiolytic effect of probiotics. Probiotics and biologically active peptides in food contribute to less anxiety in social situations

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