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Vitaminas D ir vaikų imunitetas

Vitamin D and a children’s immunity

Recent research has changed our understanding of the importance of vitamin D for children’s health.Vitamin D helps maintain a healthy immune system.
For decades it had been believed that this vitamin promotes bone strength and serves as the prevention of rickets in children. And even if the child has detected a slight deficiency of vitamin D, does not lead to the development of bone disease, the doctors and did not pay attention to it. Now, however, we found that this leads to disruption of the immune system. These children often suffer long periods of respiratory infections and diseases occur in low-grade form. Vitamin D is synthesized in the part of the skin under the influence of ultraviolet light. However, the ability for such a synthesis of various and most pronounced in adults. In young children, these capabilities are minimal. Therefore, the saturation of the body’s vitamin D depends entirely on its arrival with food. For the first year of life, such a source, of course, it is the mother’s milk. But studies have shown that mother’s milk is also often a shortage of this vitamin. Some studies found that even a slight lack of it in this period of life leads to an increased risk of developing allergies and asthma. Vitamin D can be used prophylactically to often ill with acute respiratory viral infections of children.

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